Apartment Provides Satellite TV Option to Residents

The Opportunity

An apartment owner wanted his tenants to have the option to subscribe to satellite television, but he wanted to prevent satellite dishes nailed to the side of his buildings, on balconies or in the lawn.

The Solution

One of DISH’s local retailers who had sold a few DISH subscriptions on the property approached the apartment owner about being the exclusive DISH provider at his property through DISH’s Shared DISH System. DISH will send all customers at the apartment address to the retailer if a property owner signs a form saying they want that particular retailer is allowed to enter their property and handle installs and trouble calls on the property. This allows the property owner to select an installer they trust or can coach to drill holes in their property to run cabling and to help property aesthetics by using a shared satellite dish rather than a dish per customer. The apartment manager or leasing agent can also then point new residents toward the retailer as an option for TV.