DISH Saves Condo Residents Money with Bulk Services

The Opportunity

The HOA at a condominium found residents were unhappy with the current cable company because of the rising prices and poor customer service they were receiving. The condominium only had one cable going to each individual unit when the Condominium was built. The builder had contracted with the local cable company for the right to use these cables, but this contract was expiring, and the Board of Directors decided to take competitive bids from telco providers.

The Solution

DISH offered the HOA two choices: individual services or bulk services. The Board of Directors ultimately chose DISH as their provider and to provide bulk services to all units paid by the HOA.

DISH provided a transition plan, which included installing satellite TV equipment (a satellite dish on the roof and a smartbox to receive distribute TV) and contracting with a third party internet provider to bring a dedicated 1 gigabyte circuit to the property. On the cutover date, DISH took over the coaxial wiring, installed modems and routers in each unit and provided a bulk internet speed of 50 megabytes per second and DISH’s most popular TV package, America’s Top 200, to each unit. Since the average pay TV bill was $126 a month, and the average internet bill was $60 a month for individuals, residents were delighted they now automatically received higher speed internet than the cable company could even offer and plenty of channels of TV to watch for a $35 increase in their monthly HOA assessment.

Residents who wanted even faster internet speeds, more channels or a DVR were also able to set up an individual account for these services with DISH at rates that reflected the amenity already paid for in bulk. DISH hosted an event at the property to announce the service which created a sense of community on the property. New owners and those who rented their condo were thankful they did not have to wait for an installer or drive to wait in line to pick up equipment at a local cable company in order to watch TV or connect to the internet. DISH was also able to provide service to the fitness center equipment TVs which the cable company had refused to provide service to anymore.

Since DISH can remotely monitor and manage the smartbox and the internet network, DISH can pinpoint problems and respond to problems quickly, sometimes before customers even know anything was wrong.