DISH Solves Healthcare Group's TV Needs

The Opportunity

A leading healthcare group wanted an innovative partner to provide TV to its patients and staff. They owned a few hospitals and couple of outpatient service locations and wanted a provider that could help them reduce costs and provide an easy to use solution without expensive rewiring. The cable company was trying to switch some locations from analog TV to digital TV, but not all of the healthcare group’s TVs were compatible with a digital signal. The cable company presented a dilemma: the cable company could either change their signal to digital which would require the purchase of new TVs or a set-top box at every TV, or the cable company would require a converter for the entire location, which would prevent newer TVs from receiving HD channels.

The Solution

DISH proposed a packages of channels depending on what programmers require for each location. They also purchased the smartbox for some locations which could output both an analog and digital signal to optimize the performance of any TV without the need for a set-top box at each television. This allows each TV to receive the best signal they are capable of receiving without a complicated cable box and utilizes the antimicrobial universal remote from DISH. The smartbox also integrated the distribution of a community channel along with an Electronic Programming Guide Channel which helped the healthcare group eliminate communication through distributed or posted channel lineups and communication as previously required with the cable company. The costs of the smartbox were either financed upfront or built into the monthly bill, depending on the programming at each location and budgeting constraints.

The healthcare group found DISH’s monthly programming costs lowered their TV costs 15% across its locations. They also found any problems or issues were responded to quickly, and frequently DISH was solving problems before customers/patients told them because DISH can remotely manage and monitor the smartbox.