DISH Reduces Costs and Meets Brand Standards for Upscale Hotel Chain

The Opportunity

A large hotel chain wanted a national video partner focused on innovation to meet its brand standards today and in the future with a focus on the bottom line.

Some of the hotel chain’s brand standards were:

  • A specific HD channel lineup shown in rooms, fitness areas, lobbies, bars and restaurants
  • A set-back box for guest room TVs
  • An Interactive Program Guide
  • Ability to monitor system “health status” of channels
  • Branded welcome screen
  • System must have the capability to add content via web-based management system, such as:
    • Welcome screen that includes the guest name
    • Room service menu
  • Meets ADA and FCC requirements for closed captioning
  • An in-house channel
  • Remote centralized service to change content as directed by brand/hotel management
  • System is capable of operating with TVs that do not have hospitality specific encryption requirements such as Pro:Idiom, Verimatrix, Samsung Lynk, etc.

The Solution

DISH was able to meet all of the brand standards listed above in partnership with its Integrators (World Cinema, PureHD, Enseo and others) who work with individual hotels on installation, service and other technical needs of each hotel. Integrators and hotels choose to work with DISH because DISH listens to the needs of both integrators and hotels by focusing on innovation without forgetting about one of the major decision factors: cost to the hotel.

DISH has invested over $5 million in developing the smartbox, which meets many of the brand standard’s system requirements listed above and also provides:

  • One system that can feed all TVs (whether it has a set-back box or not)
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Reception and integration of over the air local channels for redundancy
  • Simplified, easy-to-use, antimicrobial remote with a hidden battery compartment
  • Future software improvements can be downloaded