Dish Makes TV Easy at Marina

The Opportunity

A large marina was tired of handing out and collecting set-top boxes every time it rented a slip to customers wanting to watch television. It wanted great customer service with a reasonably priced solution with lots of High Definition channels, including local channels and regional sports.

The Solution

DISH was able to offer the marina its bulk programming packages of America’s Top 120, Hospitality Plus, Locals, and a Regional Sports Network with more channels but at a lower price. Since the marina wasn’t open year round, DISH charged a seasonal rate to reflect the number of months the marina was actually open. DISH’s smartbox no longer required the marina to manage set-top boxes but rather provided an HD signal that works on virtually any television a guest might float into a slip. The smartbox is remotely monitored and managed by DISH technicians, who are aware and are either working to solve the problem or are heading to the marina before anyone at the marina even knows there might be a channel outage. The marina staff is now able to focus on providing a great experience for its guests without concerning themselves over the operational headache of handing out set-top boxes, slow customer service or set-top boxes sailing off.