DISH and Partners Provide Innovative Student Housing Solutions

The Opportunity

Student housing providers across the country wanted an alternative to the solutions cable companies were offering. They needed an innovative partner who could provide consistent solutions nationwide. They needed to keep up with the heavy data demands of today’s students, as students turn to everything online from homework to games to watching a movie.

The Solution

DISH and its partners Airwave, Apogee, Elauwit, Pavlov, and others are market leaders in providing the best solution to off-campus student housing property owners. DISH and its partners have optimized solutions for these types of properties by providing bulk services, where the property purchases internet and TV services in “bulk” for every unit, usually receiving a discounted price per unit. Students don’t want the hassle and headache of the traditional cable model of calling to set up individual accounts, providing credit information, picking up equipment or waiting for an installer, returning equipment, etc. Cable companies in return aren’t eager to handle the transitional nature of students.

DISH and its partners survey each property/building to provide high-speed internet by leveraging relationships with third party internet providers. These high bandwidth circuits are then distributed throughout the property via GPON, Ethernet or DOCSIS networks depending on the property’s existing wiring or costs to rewire. Properties’ budget and structure also dictate whether DISH and its partners install Wi-Fi access points from Cisco or Ruckus hidden in closets, walls or ceilings (prevents damage, tampering or theft), or choose to provide modems and routers in each unit.

DISH invested over $5 million developing the smartbox the perfect solution for provisioning live TV to students. The smartbox outputs in both analog and digital signal to optimize the performance of any TV without the need for a set-top box at each television. This allows each TV to receive the best signal they are capable of receiving without a set-top box. It provides an electronic programming guide, so students can find and watch their shows and sports without having to distribute separate materials. Since the signal comes directly from a satellite receiver at the property, the signal is also stronger and more reliable than cable. The smartbox can also integrate the distribution of a community or welcome channel with just about any device (computer, raspberry pi, edge QAM, or IP stream).

DISH and its partners can remotely monitor and manage many components of its smartbox and DOCSIS, Ethernet or GPON systems, preventing problems and solving some problems remotely to provide a higher level of customer service. DISH and its partners also provide dedicated call centers who understand what equipment and set up is each property, which is not found by larger cable companies, with large phone trees.

Between the high speed and ubiquitous Wi-Fi, live television to any TV, and all the increasing VOD content available online and Sling TV ( a DISH product), the students at these student housing properties are well taken care of. These innovative solutions attract new students, especially when word gets out that the Wi-Fi is faster at the property than any other property and causes current residents to renew for the next year.