DISH Improves TV at Prison

The Opportunity

A large prison needed a solution for their common area TVs. The prison was in a remote location and it was struggling to receive a reliable signal for local channels in its remote location, had a small budget for television service, and wanted quick service when channels or outages occurred to prevent restless inmates. The cable company had provided analog service to the prison in the past but wanted to switch the prison to a digital signal, but this meant a set-top box would be needed at each TV. They also wanted to provide a weekly "Movie Night".

The Solution

DISH proposed its America’s Top 120 and Hospitality Plus packages along with HBO at its bulk rates. These were in the prison’s budget and the prison was delighted it could provide something for the inmates to look forward to with “Movie Night” and everyday TV entertainment for inmates to stay in touch with the world they are rehabilitating to rejoin.

The prison had a budget for technology, so they purchased DISH’s smartbox. DISH installed the smartbox in the equipment room just below a satellite dish and distributed channels throughout the prison through coaxial cable. Since there is a much stronger signal coming from satellite rather than an over-the-air antenna, the quality and reliability of TV increased dramatically. The smartbox outputs both an analog and digital signal to optimize the performance of any TV without the need for a set-top box at each television. This allows each TV to receive and project the best signal it can without a set-top box. A scrolling Electronic Programming Guide Channel also helps inmates and guards find news, shows and sports.

DISH had a technician background checked and certified for the installation day.