DISH Serves Anytime, Anywhere

The Opportunity

DISH has been providing the hard working men and women in remote areas with high quality entertainment for more than 20 years. From a cannery in the Arctic Circle, an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, fire barracks in the mountains, national park ranger stations, mines, remote airports, or any place where communication is considered a luxury, DISH has provided news and information and high quality entertainment with hundreds of HD channels at a great price with a powerful satellite signals with surprising reach.

The Solution

DISH has found solutions for locations listed above and local fire houses, EMS stations, police barracks, Coast Guard Stations, where TV connects workers to the world or provides an entertainment break. In general, we provide the packages listed to our websites, but in situations where TVs are in common rooms or there are a lot of TVs to share a feed, we require different package classifications, equipment, or certified installers closer to your location. DISH has a wide network of partners and installers to reach remote areas. Please contact us today and we will match you with an appropriate solution or partner to meet your needs.