DISH Helps RV Park Corporation Standardize Brand

The Opportunity

A large RV Park corporation wanted a consistent solution at its parks around the country. They were well aware today’s RVers are more demanding to be connected and their current providers were not prioritizing their needs. They needed an innovative partner to help them gain a competitive advantage over other RV Parks with HD programming and high-speed internet.

The Solution

Since DISH’s Tailgater is already a popular among RVers, the RV Park Corporation was delighted DISH wanted to be a national partner. DISH’s national pricing, strong satellite signal, lean corporate structure, and superior technology allow it to pass on its savings to its customers. DISH provided a bulk video solution at each RV Park. DISH's smartbox can provide both an analog and a digital signal over a coaxial cable plant which means the guest can watch as high a quality signal as the TV they brought will allow without the need for any set-top box management.

In parks that were closer to metro areas, DISH was also able to leverage its relationships with internet providers and provide dedicated internet circuits to the RV Parks and guarantee a download speed to each individual customer of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps. DISH was usually able to use the same coaxial cable plant to feed each RV hookup with internet service, either on a bulk basis (park pays for number of hookups) or on an individual subscriber basis.

The RV Park Corporation was delighted they had a new brand standard they could implement at each location to create a consistent experience for guests no matter the park location. RV Park managers near metro areas were pleased they could advertise that their parks met the FCC’s broadband standard for internet speeds. It is too early to measure, but lower vacancy rates are expected in 2016.