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Get the Best with MLB Strike Zone

MLB Strike Zone on DISH offers you the viewer live look-ins of in-game action during the day’s match-ups. Take a high-speed trip around the MLB and catch big moments as they happen with this MLB channel.

DISH MLB Extra Innings batter on tv

Action-packed Tuesday and Fridays

MLB Strike Zone provides comprehensive coverage of the majors every Tuesday and Friday all season long. Twice a week, this channel provides look-ins and rapid-fire live coverage of league games, monitoring the action and dropping the viewer in at important and exciting times during games playing that day. Track real-time updates all without the distraction of commercials and watch the action as it happens. Coverage begins Tuesday and covers the games that are scheduled for that day. Coverage then continues Friday so you as a fan never miss out on the day's highlights from around the league.

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Even more sports

The Multi-Sport Pack, which includes MLB Strike Zone, is the perfect match for any sports lover. Not only will you get the best of Major League Baseball, but you'll have the very best coverage of professional and college sports. Get both national and regional sport networks so you don't miss a thing. And don’t forget you can watch Strike Zone online with the DISH Anywhere app.